Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Quick Assist: Windows remote control

Quick Assist, is a simple and quick way to take remote control of another person's Windows 10 based device. I find it's easier to walk a tech-neophyte through setting this up rather than the other platforms. I still like to use a video platform such as Zoom for my eye-gaze users, so I can see their level of engagement, affect, and even make suggestions about positioning. Together, they make for a robust tool set. It's free, and built into all Windows 10 computers. Keep in mind, your client's device will need to be "unlocked" for any teletherapy hosted right on the device. 

This first video is for you the Assister. You are the therapist or consultant. You might want to send a link to this page for your client or client's caregiver if they've never used Quick Assist. 

This second video is for the Assistee. You are the client or helping caregiver. 

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